Pastors page

Rev. Brian Plum

Welcome to St. Andrew

I’m glad you’re here!  I assume you are here hoping to find out more about our congregation.  Let’s start with the reason we are here.  Our reason for existing is to fulfill our mission, which is:

“To be a source of hope to the world.” 

We accomplish this by “sharing God’s love, growing in faith and serving others in the name of Jesus.” 

Surely the world has never been in more need of hope.  With division and alienation everywhere, it’s important to keep focused on what holds us together. 

The values we hold dear at St. Andrew are: 

·        Accepting people for who they are.

·        Serving those in need.

·        Ministering to every person. 

·        Inspiring worship that honors God.

If our mission and values speak to you, come!  Find out more.  I invite you to celebrate God’s love with us on Sunday mornings.  Come and grow with us throughout the week.  Together we can learn to love God and live like Jesus and bring hope to the world which God so loves.